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Indy Performance Composites is a premier composite design and manufacturing company, creating performance parts and solutions for the automotive, aerospace, and communications industries.

Discover us in Brownsburg, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis, where we specialize in crafting custom composites for high-performance applications. As your full-service designer and fabricator, we excel in delivering swift turnaround times, collaborative design expertise, and unmatched customer service. Our competitive pricing ensures flexibility and cost advantages, empowering you to achieve your goals efficiently. Partner with us to transform your concepts, visions, and budgets into tangible, high-performance solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

Best Sellers


We offer sizes 13, 14, 15, and 16 inch wheels with a 1 inch diameter grip. We also offer a thicker 1.25 inch grip in our 15 inch sized wheel. All are filled with a foam core to cancel out vibrations to your hands.


IPC has a large range of shock cover options to offer. Find our full list of options in our Marketplace.


IPC offers a range of materials for all your application and repair needs. Visit our options of tools, fabrics, resins, mold supplies, and consumables in our Marketplace. **All chemicals are local pickup ONLY - no shipping.

Who We Do It For


Unleash precision and power on the track with Indy Performance Composites. Our cutting-edge materials redefine motorsports excellence, enhancing speed and safety, which allows us to work with the nations best in motorsports. Choose IPC for unparalleled innovation and reliability in every race. Elevate your team's performance with the future of racing technology at Indy Performance Composites.



Explore our advanced composite solutions tailored for healthcare applications, ensuring safety, durability, and performance in medical equipment, prosthetics, and diagnostic tools. Discover how our innovative materials support the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.






Our ability to manufacture composite parts to exacting aviation standards redefine flight dynamics, delivering unmatched efficiency and durability. Trust IPC for pioneering solutions that push boundaries and ensure superior performance in every aircraft. Indy Performance Composites has shown to be valued resource for the forefront of aerospace technology for years.



Renewable Energy

Discover how our composite materials drive innovation in renewable energy solutions, enhancing efficiency and durability in wind turbine blades, solar panels, and energy storage systems. Explore our contributions to sustainable energy advancements.

Indy Performance Composites industries


Lighten mobile platforms with Indy Performance Composites' carbon fiber satellite dishes and radomes, revolutionizing connectivity in land, sea, and air communications.






Explore our composite solutions engineered for the marine sector, offering lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials for boat hulls, offshore structures, and marine equipment. Learn how our technology enhances performance and sustainability in maritime applications.