Expert Services for End-to-End Composite Solutions

At Indy Performance Composites, our field experts offer end-to-end solutions that are often generated by a customer’s idea. Working collaboratively, our hands-on approach generates both quality products and long-term relationships.

Advanced Digital Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

Indy Performance Composites pairs advanced Design and Engineering in Advanced Composite Solutions with years of experience to deliver high quality composite parts.


  • Complex Design Solutions: Successfully delivering intricate composite structures tailored for aerospace or automotive applications.
  • High Precision Manufacturing: Consistently achieving tight tolerances and superior surface finishes in composite parts.
  • Innovative Material Applications: Utilizing advanced materials like carbon fiber or ULTEM in demanding environments.
  • Efficient Production Processes: Demonstrating reduced lead times and cost savings through optimized CAM and CNC machining.
  • Successful Reverse Engineering Projects: Reconstructing and enhancing existing parts with precision 3D scanning and CAD file recreation.