An Industry-Leading Producer of High-Performance Composite Parts

As an industry-leading producer of composite parts, Indy Performance Composites is a trusted partner to race teams, aerospace companies, private industry and the United States military.

Manufacture and Repair of Racing Parts and Bodies

Brownsburg, IN is home to some of the nation’s top racing teams. Our close proximity allows us to work closely with companies and teams, producing winning parts with decreased turnaround time.
wind tunnel model

Wind Tunnel Models
IPC specializes in making scale model wind tunnel parts and bodies.

Composite Repair

Composite Repair
If you race it and break it, we can fix it. We repair everything from wings to Funny Car bodies, with turnaround times to facilitate the fast-paced motorsports industry.

Parts Design

Part Design
Our engineering team will work with you to develop a custom part for your race car or high performance street car.

High Performance Composite Aerospace Parts

High stiffness, and superior strength are crucial to the aerospace industry, improving performance and minimizing fuel and environmental costs. IPC’s ability to manufacture composite parts to exacting aviation standards, makes it a valued resource in the aerospace industry.
Indy Performance Composites industries

Our combined 50+ years of experience makes IPC an ideal choice for producing high-quality composite parts.

Indy Performance Composites industries

Precision Machining
A composite part is only as good as the tool that molds it. Precise tolerances all start with precision machining. In house tool-making allows us to control the quality of our composite manufacturing.

Indy Performance Composites industries

Our fiberglass shop can handle a wide variety of aerospace jobs, including interior cabin air ducting, cargo liners, interior paneling, and lavatory units. We also specialize in making fiberglass molds.

Carbon Fiber Satellite Dishes and Radomes

Indy Performance Composites is expert at producing carbon fiber satellite dishes and radomes—reducing the weight of mobile land, sea, and air based platforms.
satellite construction

Satellite Construction
IPC specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of composite antennas.

Indy Performance Composites industries

Commercial Satellites
Lightweight antennas used extensively by communication professionals.

military satellite

Military Satellites
Perfect for reducing the weight of military vehicles and mobile operations, while rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions.