Expert Services for End-to-End Composite Solutions

At Indy Performance Composites, our field experts offer end-to-end solutions that are often generated by a customer’s idea. Working collaboratively, our hands-on approach generates both quality products and long-term relationships.

Manufacturing and Finishing Facility with State-of-the-Art Equipment

IPC is a fully functioning manufacturing and finishing facility that excels in quality and on-time delivery. Our wide range of equipment, including our state-of-the art extra-large curing oven and autoclave allows us to scale to any size project.
fabric cutting

Fabric Cutting
Our Eastman M9000 cutting table increases the efficiency of cutting pre-preg materials, and ensures consistent weave orientation.

Indy Performance Composites services

We have a range of state-of-the-art autoclaves and ovens to facilitate different size composite projects.

Indy Performance Composites services

Our composite laminators have combined over a hundred years of experience, ensuring that each part is manufactured to spec and on time.

composite heat press

Composite Heat Press
Ideal for large production runs with tight manufacturing deadlines. Our heat press reduces the number of tools required to meet high-production schedules.

Indy Performance Composites services

CNC Mill


CNC Lathe

water jet services

Water Jet
2.5 Axis Maxiem 1530

fiberglass services

In-house fiberglass mold-making, repair, and manufacturing.