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DZUS Button

$0.72 - 3.10

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Part Number: IPC-AO-xxx (reference table below for full part number)
Name: Reference table below for full name

Technical drawings:

IPC Part #Part DescriptionDim A
Grip Length
Dim BDim CDim DDim E Price 
IPC-AO-008DZUS Button0.4250.4050.680n/an/a$1.75
IPC-AO-008BDZUS Button – Black Anodized0.4250.4050.680n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-008SDZUS Spring 1.375 x .375 Gold1.375n/a0.375n/an/a$0.72
IPC-AO-008-1”DZUS Button – 1”0.4250.4051.000n/an/a$1.95
IPC-AO-008-1”BDZUS Button – 1” Black Anodized0.4250.4051.000n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-009DZUS Button0.4500.4050.680n/an/a$1.75
IPC-AO-009BDZUS Button – Black Anodized0.4500.4050.680n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-009-1”DZUS Button – 1”0.4500.4051.000n/an/a$1.95
IPC-AO-009-1”BDZUS Button – 1” Black Anodized0.4500.4051.000n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-010DZUS Button0.5000.4050.680n/an/a$1.75
IPC-AO-010BDZUS Button – Black Anodized0.5000.4050.680n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-010-1”DZUS Button – 1”0.5000.4051.000n/an/a$1.95
IPC-AO-010-1”BDZUS Button – 1” Black Anodized0.5000.4051.000n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-011DZUS Button0.5500.4050.680n/an/a$1.75
IPC-AO-012DZUS Button0.6000.4050.680n/an/a$1.75
IPC-AO-012BDZUS Button – Black Anodized0.6000.4050.680n/an/a$3.10
IPC-AO-014WeldDZUS Button – Wheel Cover (Weld)0.5000.4050.6800.3400.235$3.10
IPC-AO-015SandersDZUS Button – Wheel Cover (Sanders)0.6000.4050.6800.3400.235$3.10

Category: Sprint & Midget Add-Ons
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