50” Wide Carbon Fiber Fabric

NOTE: Prices are sold by the linear yard. Please call for availability and pricing. 2×2 Carbon Fiber Dry Woven Fabric-3K 2×2 Till Weave-50” Wide-Dry – 3k/2×2/50in

3M Epoxy Adhesive

*Temporarily Unavailable* Part Number: DP420 Technical Data Sheet 3M Epoxy Adhesive-High peel and shear strength-Maintains lasting bond at high and low temperatures-20 minute work life-Adhesive cures at room temperature-Reaches high strength quickly with heat cure-Recommended Applications = Small joint assembly … Read More

DZUS Button

  Part Number: IPC-AO-xxx (reference table below for full part number)Name: Reference table below for full name Technical drawings: Dzus Button.pdf Dzus Button – 1 INCH Dzus Button – Wheel Cover IPC Part # Part Description Dim AGrip Length Dim … Read More

*West System Slow Hardener

206 Slow Hardener is a low-viscosity epoxy curing agent for use when extended working time or a longer cure time is needed.-Provides adequate working time at higher shop temperatures-Mix with WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin in a 5-part Resin to 1-part … Read More

Adtech P17 Filler

Name: Adtech P17 Filler Description: Black; $34.95/qt Technical Data Sheet P-17 Black High Heat Filler, Adtech -Smooth workable paste with set-fast cure -Can be applied with squeegee, spatula or flat tool -Cured material can be finished by sanding, grinding, scraping, … Read More

Chem Trend Release Agent

Name: Chem Trend Release Agent Description: Chemlease PMR-90 EZ; .98gal Technical Data Sheet Chemlease PMR-90 EZ -Rapid curing, semi-permanent mold release agent providing multiple releases with minimal to the molded part -HAP Free -High thermal stability -Easy to apply -Reduces … Read More

Chem Trend Mold Cleaner

Name: Chem Trend Mold Cleaner Description: Chemlease Mold Cleaner EZ; .98gal Technical Data Sheet Chemlease Mold Cleaner EZ -Blend of HAP free solvents designed to remove wax and contaminants from composite molds -Ideal for preppingcomposite mold surfaces for the application … Read More

Chem Trend Mold Primer

Name: Chem Trend Mold Primer Description: Chemlease MPP 2180; .98gal Technical Data Sheet Chemlease MPP2180 -Formulated for sealing tooling in the composites industries -Also used as a means of resurfacing a worn-out mold -Should not be used as a mold … Read More

Chem Trend Mold Sealer

Name: Chem Trend Mold Sealer – Description: Chemlease 15 Sealer EZ; .98 gal Technical Data Sheet Chemlease 15 Sealer EZ -High-performance sealer developed to condition and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and act as a base for new or … Read More

3M Turbo Mixing Nozzles

*Temporarily Unavailable* 3M Turbo Mixing Nozzles-Mixing Ratio: 1:1, 2:1-For Dispensing and Mixing Two-Component Epoxy-Dual Manual, Square Design (Green)

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